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Choose the Right Communication Tool to Skyrocket Productivity

“How could he have misread my email?” you ask, reading the incensed response from your colleague.

 It happens all the time – whether via email, text or IM. Messages get skewed. Miscommunciation happens. Tempers flare. Work is done that needn’t have been done, or is done differently than it should be.


Because virtual communications aren’t always as effective as face-to-face or even voice communication.

How can you prevent rework, misunderstandings and hard feelings?

At i-ReConnect, we’ll help you learn simple solutions to virtual communication problems encountered every day in today’s crazy buzy times. Your message has the best chance of being interpreted correctly when the appropriate method of delivery is applied.

We’ll help you discern the pros and cons of the myriad message-delivery vehicles available today — from email, text, IM, phone, video chat, or face-to-face. You’ll strategize the best method for what you want to accomplish.

Stop Rework, Misunderstandings and Hard Feelings, to understand how to choose the communication form best suited to completing various tasks, projects, and transactions.  You’ll increase the chances it’s communicated clearly the first time and the action steps are then implemented correctly.

Why is choosing the right communication vehicle so important? Consider what communication experts have found:

  •  In the paper, “Why Face-to-Face Business Meetings Matter,” Richard Arvey, Ph.D. cited a study that found face-to-face communication is preferred over other modalities “when there is a need for the expression of emotions, when tasks require coordination and timing among members’ activities, when one is attempting to persuade others, or with task consensus or issues that are affected by the attitudes or values of group members.”
  •  In a Forbes article, author Rawn Shah referred to social media as a tool that must be backed with professional experience. Shah wrote, “the tools by themselves are a small part of helping people collaborate; you need to understand how to apply them correctly per the behaviors of the people involved.”

Choose the Right Communication Tool to Skyrocket Productivity provides essential skills for behavior, communication, and productivity.

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