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We live in a virtual world where we make friends on Facebook, find our significant others on dating sites, and would rather text our family and friends than meet and talk to a “real” person. Some would call this communicating at the speed of light, yet our team identified this culture change as a problem for our generation and beyond.

As parents and former leaders in Corporate America and Educational Systems, we became overwhelmingly concerned that the natural way of communicating and building lasting relationships is quickly progressing to become the way of the past. Many in society today pride themselves on the number of followers attracted on Twitter or friends they’ve made on Facebook.

Analysis shows society has disconnected from “face-to-face “interaction both in the workplace and at home, as social media has become widely accepted as the primary means of communication. For some, embracing the virtual leads to forfeiting meaningful interpersonal relationships and dialogue.

There’s no denying that social media has brought positive change to society. Our team built their careers around Risk Avoidance and Personal Development and embrace technology for productivity usage. However, applying through controls in everything we touch enables us to reduce the amount of time and effort spent on remediation. It’s imperative to apply a balance between interpersonal relationships and virtual communication.

While virtualization and social media have advantages in business when used appropriately; businesses are losing significant Return On Investment when it comes to the unprecedented productivity issues in the workplace.

i-Reconnect isn’t about avoiding social media. Instead we believe that by focusing on behavior, communication, and productivity, individuals can learn to use social media to their advantage at home and in business. Cultivating social skills allows us to rely on social media appropriately, use it the right way, and also retain our ability to build interpersonal relationships and communicate face-to-face.

For details on i-Reconnect, visit our Web site.

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